Terms & Conditions


  1. Registration Requests are made via online request form or at pre-arranged appointment at a Sydney milonga (contact Sima on us).
  2. Payment of entry fee for the ATDC is due on registration via methods outlined on the registration form. Registration will be finalised on receipt of full payment.
  3. Registrations, with cash payment only, on the night of any Qualifying Round are subject to availability.
  4. Each tango dancer of the enrolled couple must submit a separate registration request.
  5. All information provided at the time of registration will be considered a sworn statement.
  6. Terms & Conditions accepted on Registration include detailed "Particulars & Guidelines" as outlined below.
  7. Tango dance couples who are eligible for the Beginner Category may also register for the Open Level.
  8. Each Qualifying Round has limited numbers.
  9. Challenge Round identifying numbers will be issued to all Leaders on the night of their Qualifying Round.

Amateur Status:

  1. All participants must comply with Amateur Status
  2. Amateur status is deemed to be any tango dancer who does not derive a regular income from teaching or performing tango and has not assisted in any instance of PAID teaching or performance in the 12 months preceding the Australian Tango Dance Challenge 2016.

Amendments to Bookings:

  1. No charge will be made for the first challenge round change. Subsequent changes will incur an administration fee of $10 per change per person.
  2. We reserve the right to make changes to the scheduled rounds for reasons beyond our control. Participants will be permitted to substitute another round under these circumstances, where space is available.
  3. Refunds for Cancellations prior to 28 February 2016 will incur an administration fee of $15 per person.
  4. No refunds for Cancellations after 28 February 2016.

Supporting Schools


Grand Prize - Open Level